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Project X: Stage 5 Teaser 2

Another lil teaser with the Wild Futa Village. :B
This is located in the Zone 2.

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Project X: 6.x new notices

Hai guys, Zeta here wanting to gossip some stuff about how the development goes. 8-)

As some people know, I more or less dated the release to the end of January, but as expected, thats not gonna be p [...]

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Stage 5 Teaser Video


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[FORUM/CHAT] New User Registration

Account Registration is Currently : OPEN but requires Admin Activation
The Discord Invite Link is : http://chat.thezetateam.org/ and is currently ACTIVE

Hello All,

This thread will be used to track the opening and closing of regist [...]

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Make your question about PX

I will try to reply them, just make sure you read the other users post to not repeat them.

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