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Poll: : 2 Players Question

I want to know if a lot of people uses the two player game mode.
Lately, the rapes and animations are more developed, have windows, zooms, and some practically covers the whole screen to show nice anim [...]

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Project X: Stage 5 Teaser 2

Another lil teaser with the Wild Futa Village. :B
This is located in the Zone 2.

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Project X: 6.x new notices

Hai guys, Zeta here wanting to gossip some stuff about how the development goes. 8-)

As some people know, I more or less dated the release to the end of January, but as expected, thats not gonna be p [...]

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Stage 5 Teaser Video


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[FORUM/CHAT] New User Registration

Account Registration is Currently : OPEN/color] but requires [color=#FF8000]Admin Activation
The Discord Invite Link is : http://chat.thezetateam.org/ and is currently ACTIVE

Hello All,

This thread will be used to track the opening [...]

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