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I was linked to this today [...]

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[SITE] The Issue of Site Revenue

Hello All!

So, as you know, we don't run ads here on thezetateam.org
The reasons for this are 2 fold.

1) Advertisers that will work with NSFW sites are usually rather shady, and the ads they server are o [...]

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Project X: Enjoyable Stuff

So! due that no one writte a review of the 7.4 version I want to ask some things.
True fact is, that people always coments: Great Job, I love it!
... Oookey, thank you.
But! when they find something tha [...]

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Project X: New Gallery Preview


Thanks to my experience, that improved a LOT from when I started to make the game, I was finally able to make this.
Is the new gallery, is still very simple and not detailed because is still a prototyp [...]

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Project X: Love Potion Disaster 7.4


Whats done:

- Stage 5
- Stage 5 Cutscenes.
- AI modifications.
- Improved performance and less Memory usage.
- Lag problem in the Mansion of Stage 4 fixed.
- Minor graphic bug fixed.
- Balanced the speed of [...]

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