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Attachment(s) Project X: Next Release Preview

Hello Folks,

So it's been a while since we spoke much about the game. Mostly it's just been me talking about things that I'm doing to the site or community aspect. (Like the upcoming phpBB 3.2 update)
I [...]

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[SITE] Revenue Streams and Patreon

Hello All!

So, as you know, we don't run ads here on thezetateam.org
The reasons for this are 2 fold.

1) Advertisers that will work with NSFW sites are usually rather shady, and the ads they server are o [...]

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Project X: Enjoyable Stuff

So! due that no one writte a review of the 7.4 version I want to ask some things.
True fact is, that people always coments: Great Job, I love it!
... Oookey, thank you.
But! when they find something tha [...]

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Project X: New Gallery Preview


Thanks to my experience, that improved a LOT from when I started to make the game, I was finally able to make this.
Is the new gallery, is still very simple and not detailed because is still a prototyp [...]

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Project X: Love Potion Disaster 7.4


Whats done:

- Stage 5
- Stage 5 Cutscenes.
- AI modifications.
- Improved performance and less Memory usage.
- Lag problem in the Mansion of Stage 4 fixed.
- Minor graphic bug fixed.
- Balanced the speed of [...]

Views: 115264  •  Comments: 236  •  Post a reply [ Read all ]

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