Project X (v7.4)

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Project X (v7.4)

Post by GeminiP » November 17th, 2017, 4:58 am

Project X is a fun and challenging addition to the Run or Rape genre of adult games.

The graphics are a nice throwback to the original Sonic games with the 8-bit design and all the enemies are designed well with varying types and varying color pallets for them. The animation is smooth and nearly flawless, though I'm not a fan of the sudden slow motion that happens when you beat the boss. I also like the fact that the 3rd enemy type in each stage has unique animations for different characters, and I'm honestly surprised the same approach wasn't made for boss fights.

Music and Sound design are...okay. A lot of the music is familiar to me from other franchises and games. I swear the music from Forest Act 2 is in every Run or Rape game I've played. However, that's not a bad thing. It's easy to listen to and the sound effects are on point. Nothing amazing, but nothing bad either.

Speaking of characters there's a decent roster of them each with their own unique stats and abilities, though it kinda sucks that there's only one male character in the lineup. I'm really hoping that someone like Knuckles will be added to the character list in future updates.

The mechanics of this game work almost flawlessly. There are a few things that are amiss, like it's a bit hard to judge where exactly an enemy's hitbox is, and the ghost enemies feel a bit cheap with their invisibility technique. It's also a little strange to be playing a run or rape game that doesn't feature the ESCAPE mechanic and the Orgasm meter, both of which really change up the gameplay. I admit it's a tad annoying having to sit through the entire animation of a rape every time I get caught without the option to fight back aside from what basically amounts to a split second button mash. However, not having these mechanics does make Project X different from the rest, so it's not something that has to be changed.

The story being told through what is essentially a slideshow presentation is a little odd, but I understand that a game like this is more about the gameplay and porn than the story, so it's easy to overlook. The story itself is interesting, and it seems that the character interactions (from what little I know about them) are done perfectly.

I like the addition of the Lost World level in the current update. I personally feel that they went a little overboard with all the new enemies, but on the other hand it's nice that there's so many of them with plenty of new animations to go with them. I'm going to throw a wild guess that the two new futa characters are the guest characters as well, or at least one of them is. It's a tad disappointing that none of the new material was added to the galleries or the challenges, but from what I understand the former (and maybe the latter) is getting an overhaul in the next update so I can understand holding off on it.

There is one major flaw and complaint that I have that came with both the current and previous updates, and that's the missing animations for Cream and Blaze. They were already missing for Stage 4 with the 5.8 update, but now they're also missing for Stage 5 in the current update. I know that the team has said that the animations were skipped to get the update out faster, and when the original update without them happened, that was an understandable issue. It's part of the medium and form of game development. However that doesn't change the fact that they still haven't fixed the issue and only added to it by making the exact same mistake with the new update.

When you deliver a product, you should deliver the full product. This is true for everyone, from flash game makers, to free online developers, to indie developers, to AAA games. Releasing a product with obviously missing elements, especially major elements like this, disappoints their customers/fanbase and makes the developers look bad regardless of the reason for doing so. Now the format that Project X is being released in gives a bit of leeway with that, however the missing animations are stretching that leeway to the limit. And to do it twice in a row is not only a breaking point, it also feels a little insulting. I hate to bash on the team since they are clearly putting a ton of effort into the game, but if they want to be taken seriously as developers, criticism like this needs to be given and taken seriously.

Rant aside, this is a solid game with solid mechanics, solid graphics, a creative story, and to be frank, really good porn animations. This is something that, as a final product, would sell well if places like Steam allowed Adult Only content. I'll gladly put in a five dollar donation as soon as the Cream and Blaze animations are added (Supposedly in the next update).

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Re: Project X (v7.4)

Post by thebog64 » November 18th, 2017, 12:58 pm

While I agree with most of your points, there are a few things that I'd like to add:

About those "unique stats and abilities". While they do have different stats, I wish they would have more of an impact on gameplay. The better mobility on weaker characters would matter a lot more if enemies chased you more and bunched up where you are. The special stat is also a bit pointless cause its easy enough to generate special by hitting enemies, if you get hit so much that you need a longer meter to survive one fight, you won't survive the next one anyway.

Calling the QTE you get whenever you touch an enemy a "split second button mash" is a bit odd, cause it actually is the opposite of a button mash, it's one button press at a certain time. You can't really mash specials anyway cause the meter is limited. The amount of time you get is well put imo, just enough so you can react, but if you get sloppy or dont pay attention, you get caught. I won't say anything on the length of the rape scenes, there have been more than enough threads about this already.

About the missing animations: Honestly, if the devs are straight to the players and say "we kinda bit off more than we could chew, so we're leaving out some stuff so we don't have to half-ass everything", I'm okay with it. Quality over quantity, which is also why we won't be getting a stage as big as Lost World again. They deservedly got complaints about the drop in animation quality in a few cases, and learned from it. Remember, the devs don't plan on making a commercial product out of Project X, so you can't really judge them the same way you would judge a AAA devteam, it's okay for them to cut corners where they have to if they are honest about it.

I'm glad you covered all the basic elements of the game in a mostly neutral manner, good job.

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Re: Project X (v7.4)

Post by TheEnderKid1266 » February 4th, 2018, 5:59 am

how do i fix the ultimate 2d game engine has stopped working error

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