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Suggestions for the game.
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Little Suggestions

Post by Melkhiordarkblade » August 30th, 2017, 12:07 am

Hey there, if I may I'd like to share a few little idea for a future update in the game.
In no real order;
1. Tails for Sound Test dance.
2. Charmy the Bee, or another "shota" type character, that could be fun and add more to the already nice selection of different tastes to the characters.
3, I know the Cat futa and Monkey futa are from some other game, but their animations with the player character seems a little off, maybe make them a little more in style with the rest of the games art.
4, A gallery for the "Game Over" animations, since it would be alot of hassle to start up the game, fight up to the stage you want and then get a game over on purpose.
5, One issue I have in the water stage is that items just sail by and it can be hard to get in the right lane to meet them. Maybe have the items stay still in one place and then disappear after a suitable amount of time.

Lastly, 6 and this is 100% my own personal taste and you don't have to take it seriously if you don't like it, maybe have a special secret encounter with Eggman, and it can be really ugly nasty things like he makes Cream give him a rimjob and then sits down to bury her in his big fat butt, or make Rouge give him a blowjob and it's a big fat smelly cock, she starts by pulling the foreskin back and it has big stink lines and she pinches her nose. So yeah Eggman gets to fuck them and he's a fat, dirty and smelly pig.

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