Suggestions Regarding the Succubus/Incubus.

Suggestions for the game.
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Suggestions Regarding the Succubus/Incubus.

Post by Munchman » July 31st, 2018, 11:45 am

Before I begin, I now I'm relatively new here, I actually played this game a few years back and have played it several times over time and enjoyed it every time.

That all being said I want to make some suggestions, just suggestions of course and these are things I loved to see on a personal level.

I will say these suggestions are mostly around my favourite enemy types, the Succubus and Incubus, the scenes are Sexy and have great variance in animations.

So the first is about something not in the game and that's Creams Succubus/Incubus animations, my suggestion is that when she is transformed into "sexy Cream" she is aged up, made into Teenage/Adult Cream as the incubus says, you can be made more sculpted into a perfect immortal partner and so I feel it makes sense to have her become a full woman with a full adult figure.

Next is what I consider a correction, now I completely understand it's not easy to do what I'm about to suggest, however it would, imo greatly enhance the experience with one particular character and the Incubus.

When a Character Dies it shows a static animation of them clutching a fully impregnated belly (well cum filled), which makes sense, however when Tails dies he has both a cum filled belly and he ejaculates, this makes sense of course in all encounters except the Incubus Vaginal Impregnation Animation, when he dies he turns back to male, but it has shown he, well at the time She was impregnated, so my suggestion is he should have a unique death animation of her clutching her preggo belly as she can't turn back to male as she is now pregnant.

Now as I said I understand this is a bit of an ask, I understand this would require a lot of special rules to be put in place and be a fairly big tweak and I will admit it is probably only a few people bothered by it, it's just for myself I really like Gender Bender, hence why I love the Succubus/Incubus enemy and the idea of a male being transformed and then impregnated is a bit of a personal high point fetish, so when she turns back to a he during the death well it kinda breaks the effect, of course I can't say this is game breaking nor is it probably a big issue for most, so I reiterate it's still purely just something I'd love to see personally, anyway just wanted to put it out there.

The last is I assume that there wasn't time to add the Tails voice to the incubus sex scenes, You can hear the Incubus but Tails is silent, however in the Tails gets impregnated with the Ghost Boss he has a voice... Which brings me a another suggestion, it breaks the illusion once again here with Tails still having his male voice, I now it's a "kids voice" but it still has male tones, I'd love to hear a more feminine voice, I understand it might not be that easy but it would be much better imo.

Anyway the above are all suggestions I'd love to see implemented and I've tried to give reasons for my personal reasons why I'd love to see them. All being said it's your project and your decision what you want to do, either way love the game and can't wait for you guys/gals to come back and work on it, take all the time you need I'm sure whatever you come up with in future is gonna be awesome.

Note: I'm not big on Futa but your game's Sixth area is one of the few Futa games elements I enjoy so your doing an awesome job.

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