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GIFs Everywhere!


Postby Shadic28 » March 16th, 2017, 2:52 pm

This topic is very simple. If you have any GIF animations that you want to post, you can. There are no restrictions about what the GIF(s) is. Only one thing to keep in mind; if you plan to upload a GIF that was created by another source other than your own, give credit to them. Give credit where credit is do. Thank you and happy posting.

Here are some examples:
Image: Sonic DJ
Original creator: thewax70
Original source: Sonic Collection
My comments: I recorded a few of frames from this part of the Menu screen and turned it into a GIF.

Image: Axem Rangers X Destruction
Original creator: Alvin-Earthworm
Original source: Super Mario Bros. Z - Episode 6
My comment: I took this scene and turned it into a GIF.

Image 1 (Left): Sonic turns into Dark Sonic
Image 2 (Right): Sonic turns into Super Sonic
Original creator: Chakra-X
Original source: Sonic: Nazo Unleashed - Part 1
My comment: I took these scenes and turned it into a GIFs.

Image: Tails & Cosmo Fall In Love
Original network: TV Tokyo
Original source: Sonic X (Jap) - Episode 65 - The Chaotix's Big Shocking Love-Love Mission
My comments: I took this scene and turned it into a GIF.

Image: Goten & Trunks Do Fu-sion
Original Owner: Bird Studio/Shueisha
Original source: Dragon Ball Z - Episode 236 - Gotenks Is Born
My comment: I took this scene and turned it into a GIF.

Image: Vegetia Blue vs. Fusion Zamasu
Original Network: Fuji TV
Original Source: Dragon Ball Super (Jap) - Episode 65 - Is This the Final Judgement?! The Ultimate Power of the Absolute God
My comments: I edited a lot of this scene and turned it into a GIF. I have watched every episode and movie of Dragon Ball, Z, GT & Kai, but have not seen a single episode of Dragon Ball Super yet.

Tell me how you like them. I have many more if anyone wants to see more from me, just ask. Thank you.
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