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Hello =) [MyNameIs42]


Postby MyNameIs42 » July 11th, 2017, 10:50 pm

Hi :D everyone, after a long long time just coming here to check for an update, I decided to be a little active on this forum, not to complain don't worry, it's even the opposite.

It's the opposite because I don't really understand people complaining about it, Zeta and the team made a game completely free, for themselves, for the fun, this same FREE game already has way more content than a lot of other porn game that we have to pay. They have their own lives, their own work, this game is extra time, not the main project of their life. Harassing them won't help, it's just going to piss them off, reducing the motivation, take 2 seconds to think a little, you are making something for yourselves but you decided to share it because it's more fun and will be easier with the donations (which isn't a bad thing at all, no one is forcing you), and you have some people complaining about your work regardless of what you've done so far, how would you feel ? Especially when you're preparing something really big. Zeta could have keep the project, not sharing it or just make it available when it will be over (remember that before Minecraft, we only had some demos before having the full game, early access, alpha and beta were really rare).

So for those complaining, please have some respect, the devs owes you nothing. :nogood:
For those losing hope, please keep a little hype for the next update, after all these years they are still working on it, they won't give up so easily. :)

See you on the threads ;)

(Sorry for my engrish, I'm French)

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