Hi everyone ^^

Introduce yourself.
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Hi everyone ^^

Post by RaianOnzika » August 19th, 2017, 9:43 am

Hi guys !

I'm not really good about introducing myself so I'll try anyway.

I'm RaianOnzika, alias ZerbukII or Cylia-The-Antelope, a french 30 years old guy and an hentai artist. :yiff3:
For real, I work as a Hotliner and Computer Technician. And I love that job where I can draw stuff, even NSFW without being worried. :P

I'm extremely active on Inkbunny where I try to share my stuff as much as I can. Drawing comics and pictures mostly.
I'm not used to forums and blogs, so I don't know if I'll be really active or not.

I wanted to join this forum because I am very impressed by all the hard work the Zeta Team is putting in a hentai game. I wish to keep being updated.

I was really surprised to see my own OC appearing in the game (Cylia) and wanted to thank you about that !

Well, what else ? Errr... I'll probably go draw some stuff, and probably something to thank Zeta Team !

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