Tails's Wild Week (Chapter 3)

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Tails's Wild Week (Chapter 3)

Post by slasher333 » November 17th, 2015, 3:05 am

The rabbit and the dog looked at my members hungrily before the dog began stroking them both, teasing the tip of each one every few seconds. After a minute or two she looked at the rabbit. "Oh come on you wuss. Indulge yourself. Come have some fun. we can see just how much you want to join in." She said, pointing out how soaked the rabbit's one-piece was at the crotch. This just made her blush even harder before she finally gave in, not even bothering to strip or perform any kind of foreplay. She simply slid down onto one of my cocks, causing a soft moan of pleasure to escape my lips as I felt her warm, wet folds begin to encompass my shaft. "Atta girl. Feels good, don't it?" Asked the dog, looking from me to her friend, who simply nodded in reply as she started to move up and down. I was unable to do anything other than watch as the dog sat on my other cock. Unlike her friend, though, she slid my manhood into her ass, drawing an even louder moan from me as her tight rear began to take me inside. "So, how is it, being inside one woman's ass and another's pussy at the same time?" She asked playfully as she began to bounce on me at the same pace as her friend, choosing to go up when she went down and vice versa.
After a few minutes of them riding me, their moans having become just as loud as mine, they'd begun to make out with each other, teasing each other's breasts as they did so. This sight turned me on so much that I couldn't hold myself back any longer, causing me to cum extremely hard, filling them with my seed. This caused them both to cum as well, screaming from pleasure as they did so. When all three of our orgasms had stopped, the rabbit's expression had turned from one of cute embarrassment to one of pure sexual hunger. I could tell from the looks in their eyes that this could go on for a long time. The rabbit lifted her friend off of me and took the cock she was on for herself, positioning herself so that she could have both my members inside her at once. The dog was shocked at her friend's actions, staring at her in jealousy as she began to ride me, starting off slowly, she started letting out soft moans that grew louder as she began to speed up. The dog, not wanting to be left out, came and sat on my face. "Now, start licking." She ordered. Knowing that she'd likely have some painful sort of sexual punishment for me if I didn't, I started doing as she said, starting by licking her clit several times before sliding my tongue inside her and starting to fuck her with it, quickly thrusting it in and out of her love tunnel. "Mmmm... You aren't too bad at this." She said as I started to speed up. As the rabbit continued to ride me, my cocks began to twitch and throb as I approached climax yet again, the rabbit's moans growing louder as she felt it. Moments later I felt her cum again, her holes tightening which pushed me over the edge, forcing me to fill her full of my seed for the second time. "Mmmm... Now it's my turn for the VIP treatment..." Said the dog as she got off my face.

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