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Do you take control? Do you let Tails start to play with Amy's tits?

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Post by slasher333 » January 15th, 2016, 4:58 pm

You slowly lower Amy onto your manhood, your cock pressing hard against her still tight asshole but not yet penetrating her. Then you look at Tails with a smirk, telling him your plan without a word. He quickly understands and slides closer until his member was right under her pussy, the tip lightly touching it. Once he was ready you continue to lower her, her moans of pain and pleasure loud as you and Tails penetrate her simultaneously. Once she was at the base of your dicks you release her hips, allowing her to set the pace as you reach around and grab her soft, perky breasts, squeezing them tightly as well as gently pinching her nipples. Looking around her from curiosity, you see that since you'd already grabbed her tits, Tails had taken to rubbing her clit. The two of you now not only penetrating her, but teasing her most sensetive parts as well had caused her moaning to grow even louder.

Out of the corner of your eye you see that she had actually drawn attention from the other three. After watching the three of you for a minute, they continued what they were doing. Curious, you turn to look at them just in time to see Cream lowering herself onto Shadow's shaft, her youthful, high-pitched moans almost as loud as Amy's. Shadow also groaned lightly as well thanks to the tight, young hole that was now encompassing his manhood, but they were soon muffled by Vanilla as she lowered herself onto his face, the vibrations from his groans now being transferred to her cunt and causing her to moan softly. You then turn back to the beauty that was currently on yours and Tails' members, still watching the others out of the corner of your eye as you begin to pinch her nipples harder, as well as twist them lightly as she began to speed up her then slow bounces. This increasing speed had caused Tails to start to moan as well. From the corner of your eye, you see that Shadow had started to get into the spirit of things, now thrusting to meet Cream's bounces despite his restraints. Soon you begin to think about getting up and taking control, and possibly allowing Tails to have fun with Amy's tits as well.

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