My Mephaze Series

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My Mephaze Series

Post by blackdemonknight » February 22nd, 2016, 7:52 pm

Here is a forum to detail my Mephaze series. I will say the characters might not be 100%accurate and I may add some stuff others might not agree but for sake of arguement this at most is a sort of AU where Mephiles is still around and living with Blaze and is friends with the Sonic gang.

Now first some explination of the story this will majorly detail what will happen the sequel:

After escaping the void of time Mephiles spent two months looking around the world and taking in many aspects. After a while he decides to hit up Blaze in her home of Sonic's Dimention and live with her. Blaze reluctant due to what happened but gives in due to the burning need caused by Iblis. The two after a while get along and begin to have a sort of love open relationship.

It's open mainly so I could do other pairings if I want to but the two will not have any other feels for any others except each other.

Now for the character bios so you will know what is different about the characters in this universe:

Main Cast:

Mephiles the Dark
Age: Unknown
Likes: Blaze, video games, Getting Silver to do what he wants
Dislikes: Soleana royal family, the void, enclosed spaces.
Bio: Mephiles for most acts mature, the only time he isn't is when he uses his manipulative skills to get Silver to do things he doesn't want to do which is the one thing Blaze hates. He lost a lot of his power after his defeat preventing him from making multiple versions of himself and time travel. He also has a deep fear of enclosed spaces due to his time in the scepter and refuses to go into any narrow area due to it. During his travels he became accustemed to Video Games, he focus on genre that focus puzzle or investigating skills to pass but he does have a secret love of adventure games like Telltales however for obvious reasons he avoids first person shooters.
Favorite games: Portal, DanganRonpa, Ace Attereny, Anything Telltale.

Blaze the cat
Age: 18
Likes: Her friends, Mephiles, Books, Video Games (Guilty Pleasure)
Dislikes: Water and Heights, Mephiles tricking Silver, Being told she like video games
Bio: Blaze is the most mature of the two often acting as what keeps Mephiles good seeing how he's powerless mostly and requires her to at least have a margin of power. Through she denies it Blaze actually enjoys her times with Mephiles as it's a change from having to do it herself when she gets into heat which comes a little more frequent due to having to calm the Iblis power which she has yet to tap into herself. She also secretly a gamer but not many of her friends know it and she would like to keep it that way. She prefers fighting games and shooters, she also enjoys a game that has magic and such in it.
Favorite games: Skyrim, Borderlands, Mortal Kombat

Reoccuring Characters: (This bit details characters that will make reoccurring appearances since I'm focusing on the sequel this area will remain blank for now.)

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