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Who do you go to? Who does Tails go to?

Vanilla, Cream
Cream, Vanilla
Both to Vanilla
No votes
Both to Cream
Total votes: 4

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Post by slasher333 » May 19th, 2017, 7:15 pm

Well, I finally caught IB and FA up on the story, so it's now time to revive it. Remember, now that IB and FA are involved, that means that there's now four different sites involved in the voting.

After allowing Amy to ride on top of you and Tails at her own pace for a bit, you decide to take control of the situation, lifting her up and turning her around so that Tails could get another chance at her ass as well as fondle the magnificent mounds that were her breasts. As you did this you got up, positioning yourself so that you were thrusting downward into her passage and essentially sandwiching her between the two of you. Once again curious as to how the other three were doing, you glance over to them before starting to thrust, looking over just in time to see Vanilla removing the last of Shadow's restraints so that he could position himself above Cream in a way very similar to how you were above Amy. Vanilla was in the process of sitting on Cream's face this time when Amy's once again growing moans brought your attention back to her, Tails' surprisingly skillful teasing of her bosom, combined with him thrusting into her ass making her incredibly wet. Once you start to thrust again, the quick increase in the intensity of Amy's moans causes you to realize that you had positioned yourself perfectly so that the length of your shaft constantly rubs against her g-spot and clit with each thrust. She is soon overwhelmed by the onslaught of pleasure attacking her body, causing her to orgasm so powerfully that her body spasms slightly as she squirts her juices onto your chest. Having never experienced a climax so incredible, Amy was left completely exhausted, nearly passing out from its intensity. You decide to let her rest for a bit, pulling out and laying her on the bed beside you. With her now too worn out to continue, you and Tails watch the other three before looking to each other and giving a nod and a small smirk. You both get to your feet and walk toward the others.

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