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It was our land

Posted: April 7th, 2015, 8:51 pm
by RandomTiger
Story Recap
Centuries before you were born there used to be a kingdom called Levian, ruled by the Dellions, a species of demons fueled by darkness. They controlled who was allowed to live, and what those who lived were allowed to do. It didn't take too many years before a group of four heroes decided to stand up for what was right. They started a rebellion, fighting back the forces of the Dellions, and eventually evicting them from the kingdom. Though they weren't able to kill every last Dellion they were able to free the kingdom from their rule, and finally a era of peace began. Many years have passed and many stories of the Dellions had been turned into childrens bed time stories. The names of the heroes have been erased and forgotten by everyone except for their remaining relatives. In the large city of Delfox the citizens surround the castle awaiting for the new king to be sworn in, this is where you come in. Even though you have been out doing your jobs, defending and helping people, you too have taken a break and been drawn into see your new king take his throne.

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Re: It was our land

Posted: April 7th, 2015, 8:51 pm
by RandomTiger
The sun rose behind the castle of Delfox, letting the citizens know that today was the day, today was the day to see their new king sworn into power. Many people were starting to stir from their houses and the inns, people from all around the kingdom had come to Delfox that day. The Inns had been swarmed with people of all kinds, and money had quickly started flowing in all of the stores. Things were usually busy in Delfox but this was something new for everyone that had lived there since the last king was sworn in. Now the actual ceremony wouldn't happen until the afternoon but many people wanted a good spot to watch the ceremony. The citizens flowed into the streets and started to chatter and cause a ruckus as all people do. Thankfully the guardsmen were already on watch walking through the cobbled streets, keeping them safe and keeping an eye out for anyone suspicious. Crime was always rampant during times when large groups came to the city, pickpockets and muggers seeming to line every back alley. Hooves started to patter on the streets as knights and nobles started to make their travel into the city from their homes outside of the cities walls. The city was really starting to come alive, and the noise was starting to become unbearable for anyone who was still trying to sleep. It wouldn't be long until practically everyone in the kingdom was awake and in the castles courtyard.
In comes Lief Wind the Inn Keeper

Lief's eyes opened as the noise from outside his room started to echo even off of his own walls. The werewolf growled and stretched his arms sitting up from under his sheets and turning towards the window. He slowly crept over to it looking down and onto the streets it seemed that there was a parade going on. He moved back to his bed making it before he remembered. " The new king is sworn in today!" Lief's muzzle turned into a grin, and his tail started to wag. Today was a day he had been waiting for, for quite a while. He opened his dresser and grabbed his loincloth, tying it around his waist, looked down at it and smacked it a few times to make sure there was no dust on it. He adjusted his necklace and then went to his door grabbing his coin purse on the end table. Opening the door he headed to the stairs quickly hopping down them to behind his Inn's counter. The inn was busy with people running out dressed in nice garb, he grinned he had already took their payments from the night before and no one was working that day. Once he knew his Inn was empty he would be allowed to leave and go to the courtyard as well. He moved his hand under the counter grabbing the key hanging off of it. It was odd for him to be so easily accepted but most people view him simply as a pet for the noblewoman, at least that was the word around town, so all these new comers all seemed a little nerved to see a werewolf working as a inn keeper.

The inn finally went silent and this was the chance Lief had been waiting for, he went to the door opening it and rushing out locking it up behind him, slipping his key into his coin purse and looking towards the castle. He looked around him as well seeing that the people were starting to make a wide circle around him as they walked towards the castle. Man this is going to be a long yet amazing day. the wolf started to make his way towards the castle his tail swaying back and fourth, he never knew why so many people were scared of him and not the anthropomorphic wolves. I mean their fur was a little different and Werewolves were a little more hunched but, still there wasn't much difference. He quickened his pace as he followed along with the crowd waiting happily to see the new king and to hear his address as the new king.
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Re: It was our land

Posted: April 7th, 2015, 10:18 pm
by Red Mage pro
Arthur had woken up early today being a guardsman of the town Delfox. He knew today was gonna be big given the new king was being sworn in. He put on his red gear and hat looking the way he usually did making sure his sword and shield were up to perfect sharpness ready for whatever today may offer. This early morning he went to his station and stayed put waiting for the day to drift by. He kept a eye out on people who came and went by the ceremony spot as he had a good spot from where he was from. A good place to dash in if any crooks had a dumb idea and a good spot to watch the new king be sworn in. Arthur sighed deeply as some of his fellow guards showed up and the guards began to chat among each other keeping an eye out for any odd things in the large crowds that were gathering around.

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Re: It was our land

Posted: April 7th, 2015, 10:23 pm
by shadowpaine
It was another all-night research and translation session for keyleth as she had discovered several ancient texts in the ruins nearby the kingdom of Delfox, she was one step closer to discovering some of the long lost magic of the age before the Dellion's that plagued the land but it was becoming harder and harder to memorize every single scripture she had discovered and even more so keeping them in a safe, secure and dry location.
"to think such magic would have been used by even the most common of people if it wasnt for those infernal demons setting our civilization back, of course i would still be the most powerful of mages giving my superior knowledge and intellect... hmmm every time I mention those Dellion fiends I get this strange suspicion that I have some connection to them, im over thinking it, not like i summoned those things here i probably single handedly banished the creatures... but if so how did i do it?"
keyleth's thoughts were interrupted as she heard the echoing sound of people talking and the thuds of footsteps vibrating through the ruins "blast.. is it daybreak already? it will be impossible to continue my research with all this noise... may aswell check to see what all the commotion is about.... if memeory serves correctly its probably something about the new king or something trivial like that... lower race issues" she muttered as she collected her tomes and stored them in her satchel and made her way towards the kingdom.

it didnt take her long to get there as she made her way through the city and towards the town making sure to keep a hand on her satchel and one on her ceremonial dagger just incase any of the scum of the town tried to take anything from her.
"this place is so damn crampped and crowded how the hell is anyone supposed to get anything done like this?" she thought as she looked around while eventually making her way to the courtyard

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Re: It was our land

Posted: April 7th, 2015, 11:18 pm
by Jenny Avalon Jinx
Avalon sat on a chair in the corner of a small hut. The sun had decided to say hello, peaking through her window creating a square bit of light that stretched over the majority of the floor. That was the only bit of light that came in, and she stayed to the edge of it. She looked out the window, staring at the bright light that she often times cursed. She could hear people moving outside. Of course they were getting up, they had an exciting day ahead of them. The new king was going to be sworn in today. She shook her head slightly and stood up, moving further into the shadows and into another room. Once in the other room Avalon grabbed her cloak and swung it over her shoulders, tying it tight and bringing her hood over her head.

Avalon quickly moved to the door, opening it and ducking outside, pulling her cloak tight around herself as she turned and moved with the crowd. Her cloak swished in the movement of the legs around her, swirling between them and somehow managing to not be stepped on. She moved between people as she tried to blend in, moving quick enough that most people didn't even pay her any mind. She was mostly a shadow. She glanced around and spotted the dog person and realized that's why nobody was paying her any mind, they were all busy with watching him or trying to avoid him. She chuckled under her breath. "Idiots" She whispered under her breath. They were afraid of something they could see, something that they knew was there, instead of being afraid of what they didn't even know, that a vampire had been lurking in their midst for years now.


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Re: It was our land

Posted: April 8th, 2015, 4:32 pm
by BinaryHedgehog
Tyler was quite excited for the new king, but also a bit nervous. He didn't know if he would condone alchemy. Would he have to stay underground, or would he be able to come out? Only time will tell.
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Re: It was our land

Posted: April 8th, 2015, 7:17 pm
by Smashiku
Today was a special day. A new king in a city, which is where Crow been staying for the past week. As of right now, he was simply sitting in a tree, watching people go by. It was one way for him to waste time. ''.. Wonder what this king will be like. Maybe kinder than normal kings. That'll be extra special..'' With a sigh and few minutes go by, he finally jump off and entered the crowd, heading towards any spot that will have a good view. After a busy week, he should relax for abit, then get something to eat, then start the daily routine. But he stayed aware.. Soon, he came across some people looking at a werewolf. But, he was sure that something else was being hidden.. Like someone hiding. But, he didn't let this kind of things stop him from walking.


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Re: It was our land

Posted: April 9th, 2015, 4:46 am
by DarkLove
The adventurer known as Mez walked through the streets, stretching her arms out with a yawn. She stood out in the crowd due to her looks compared to everyone else. Her overall look made it so she looked like a mercenary. She let out a groan. This trip was a little out of her way, however for reasons unknown to her, she was given an invitation to attend. "Wonder what makes me so special..." She thought out loud, and then was answered with a grumble from her stomach "Hmm hope they got food for the occasion.". She followed the masses to where this new King was to be sworn in.

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Re: It was our land

Posted: April 9th, 2015, 7:34 pm
by RandomTiger
-The noise in the city streets continued to rise, the day seemed to move quickly, and the sound of trumpets started echoing through the streets. People were ready to hear the kings speech as it seemed like the court yard was already spilling over with people. Nobles had spots closer to the castle as the speech was being done right outside of the castles doors. Most of the guards were starting up behind the crowds to more or less circle them to keep them in line, also so they too could see the speech. If you were even close to the crowd there was a high chance you would be bumped into or knocked down, there having already been a few citizen that had been knocked over and trampled. A few men bumped into each other while they were walking and got into a tussle, which thankfully one of the guards split it up pretty quickly. The stalls were all left alone the food sitting out in their little boxes. There was also gems on the ground here and there that some of the nobles had dropped. Some of the younger kids were running around taking things off of the stands and picking up some of the gems making sure to check around to see that they weren't being caught. There were also a few older people making there way from the back of the crowds falling behind. One old lady actually had fallen down and is having a hard time getting up.-

As Lief made his way through the streets he started to notice a few stranger people, of course there were always new kinds of people moving around in the town, but today was of course worse then normal. It was going to be a long night at the Inn though he was sure of that. Lief continued his pace getting closer to the courtyard his eyes scanning the crowds for anyone that looked suspicious. He knew that was the guards job but, he still didn't want to see any of these visitors get hurt. His eyes moved away from the people in front of him and onto the castle as he entered the courtyard. It seemed like there were a lot more guards on duty that day then normal. That was of course to be expected, there were a lot more people inside the city walls that day as well. The werewolf moved forward in the crowd a little a large circle of emptiness surrounding him as the people moved away. Well I guess these guys haven't seen a werewolf yet. Lief continued to look around him until he saw one of the regular guards walking his way, he tilted his head at the guard as he got closer. " Is everything alright?" Lief spoke silently, towards the guard he didn't want to cause a scene.

" Yeah, a few of the citizens are complaining and worried that there is a werewolf in their midst, I told them I'd come talk to you, I apologize these people just don't know you." This guard was thankfully one he had dealings with before talking with complete charm and politeness, he knew Lief wasn't a harmful person so he was just doing it for looks. "Don't worry about it though, people are people and they will just get over it."

Lief nodded and looked around him to see some piercing eyes look towards him. "I'm sorry I'm causing you trouble, you have many things to worry about today and I'm certain i'm not one, though hopefully them seeing you talk to me will calm them down." The guard smiled and then turned away heading back to the outskirts of the crowd, Lief of course didn't want to be any more trouble. the werewolf slowly made his way towards the back of the crowd, he didn't want to cause anyone grief just due to his looks. As he reached the back of the crowd he turned back towards the castle seeing people crowding forward and away from him. He shook his head before his eyes went to the castle door. It will only be a little bit longer. Lief's thoughts made his tail start wagging, he was excited once again the previous stress quickly lifted with the idea of a new king and a new person to rule the land. Lief covered his ears as the trumpets once again sounded, the king was getting ready to come out. It wasn't going to be very long, he was over the top in joy.

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Re: It was our land

Posted: April 9th, 2015, 11:45 pm
by BinaryHedgehog
Tyler went towards the coronation, taking in the sights. He saw the youngsters and took their stuff returning it to where they stole it and telling them why stealing's bad. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he sees the woman fall. He quickly runs over to her to help her up. "Are you okay? Did you break anything?" He asked her, worried.
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