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Age of the Black Sun [+18][Gore][Fetish] - RP

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Re: Age of the Black Sun [+18][Gore][Fetish] - RP

Post by DarkLove » July 11th, 2016, 11:20 pm

Melody's guard went up when the guards came in to retrieve Layna. She suppressed the desire to attack them as she knew it would just cause them more harm then help them. Layna seemed to think that too as she waved her and Katherina off. When the guards and Layna were gone, Katherina punched the wall which made Melody jump. She looked at Katherina who expressed that they should have attacked the guards. "I don't think that would have helped anyone and would have just caused more harm." She walked over to Katherina and took a hold of her hand so she could look at it. "It doesn't look broken, but it might bruise." She told her.

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Re: Age of the Black Sun [+18][Gore][Fetish] - RP

Post by Lykan2 » July 15th, 2016, 7:39 pm


The Fox Girl let out a yelp as the Captain slapped her hard into the Face, "So? You want to talk or shall we continue with the Interrogation? I know you are a Rebel and I'm certain you know where other Hideouts of your little Resistance are. So you might want to talk right away and I will make sure to grant you a quick death afterwards, how does that sound?" Layna looked at the Captain, "I am not a Member of that "Resistance" you are talking about I'm just a simple Traveller. Nothing more." The female Captain smiled, "Is that so? Well, how about we talk a little longer?" Saying that she grabbed pincers and placed it at one of Laynas Claws. "So, again Fox, are you a Rebel?" Layne shaked her head, immediately followed by a loud yell.


"If you can trust me?" The Dragonkin began silently, looking at the Person in the next Cell, "Can I trust you? I have no idea what your problem is with Mages appearently, but if I can trust you, you can trust me, i have no intention to screw someone over. I just want to get out of here and teach the Black Sun a lesson." After that he looked at his Cellmate, do you have a problem with him as well may i ask?"