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Unholy Lows (Evil Brothel RP)

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Re: Unholy Lows (Evil Brothel RP)

Post by shadowpaine » February 17th, 2015, 11:50 am

Alicia let out afew soft moans thanks to mimi biting her ear and playing with her breasts, she looked towards her as she felt mimi slide her hand across her cheek and made her look into her eyes "I ashked because I can't think clearly" she said in a slurred voice as she looked at mimi with a smile.
When Mimi started to rub her hips against her she couldn't help but smirk "oh I knows what~" she said as she leaned closer and whisperes into Mimi's ear "I'm curious to see if you would do me over the bar~ unless your worried Tyra will gets mad"


"Well... Let's just say I was different from what my clan expected from the cheifftens daughter" Rosalie said as she watched Tyra form bubbles in her hands from the soap "let's just say I did and probably still going through a rebellious stage against what people expect from women?" She finished her sentence but it seemed she wasn't fully convinced of her own answer.
Rosalie felt Tyra's feathers in her hair and she let out a soft sigh as the water ran down her body and felt the relaxing sensation run through her hair "your fine as you are, but go rough if you need to" she said as she glanced back to Tyra, a small smile on her face.


Marcus blushed hearing the girls comments and conversation but the moment lilly spoke to him he looked at her and made sure to pay attention, hearing he could 'use her mouth' if helia was unavailable made his face turn bright red, "t-thank you for the offer lilly and I understand your reasoning but don't think you have to do me any favors or anything like that" he said as he rubbed the back of his head.

Just then as lilly was trying to explain herself her back mouth rudely interrupted by telling helia and him bluntly what she wanted, marcus was completly thrown back as he averted his gaze and rubbed the back of his neck, to think he went from a nobody to now having two girls being his best friends and more, heck he was even marrying one, life definatly turned upside down for him for the better.

When he heard lilly struggling and fighting herself he couldn't help but jump down from the bed and held one of lillys hands as helia silenced the back mouth "lilly you shouldnt fight with yourself like that... You'll be harming yourself in the process of silencing 'yourself' ... Me and helia would like to see you hurting yourself like that"

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Re: Unholy Lows (Evil Brothel RP)

Post by LawAndChaos » February 19th, 2015, 12:22 am

Baldr was taken aback suddenly by the feeling of Tina's hand on his shaft. Baldr froze at the contact, his back still to the door, leaving him unable to retreat. He got a good look at the feline in front of him, scratching his chin. Where had this gal come from? Was she some of the hired help maybe? Baldr shook his head quickly; no, that wouldn't make sense...someone like this wouldn't be...would they?

Baldr gulped a bit. "Well, uh, I you work here, or something?"
Despite the nervousness in his voice, his minotaur side was causing him to let out a few snorts, his horns extending slightly. This gal was provoking him, intentionally or otherwise, and the last thing he wanted to do was hurt the girl in front of him because he couldn't keep things under control.

"No, no, more importantly, I mean...well, yeah, I do need help with, uh, this," he said, pointing at his cock, "but, uh...well, uh..."
He trailed off, beads of sweat on his brow. Did Hel hire someone this small to work the lows? Or was this someone just wandering, that wouldn't make sense. She wasn't a hero or anything; no hero walks around like this. So that could only mean...

"You do sexual services?"
Lily's tumbling came to an end as Helia and Marcus grabbed hold of her, and she took a few deep breaths to calm herself. "Thanks," Lily said, letting out a sigh, "honestly it's just that as a professional I can't be getting bent out of shape. I mean imagine I made a surprise meal and my back mouth ruins the surprise. This whole time I've managed to keep it under control by keeping it fed and disciplined, but now it's acting up again." Slipping free of the pair's grasp, Lily got to her feet, brushing herself off. "Honestly, I used to have to use clothespins to keep it from opening its stupid maw," she began, "then tying up the tongue. Eventually it learned its lession. Seems like I have some work to do."

"Why not start by stuffing me full of--"


The mouth went silent as Lily gave it an open-palmed smack. "Besides, I'm not hurting myself," she added, "it stings a bit, but I'm not about to hurt myself too badly. Sometimes you gotta be tough with yourself, you know? I mean when I start going off on how I could cook demon wings in garlic batter or giant's toe roast I need to stop myself." She put her hands on her hips and smirked. "Not that I couldn't get a hold of demon's wings or giant's toes if I wanted. Giant's are too slow, really, and demons are easy to trick when you know how they operate."

"Ah, but that's neither here nor there," she continued, "and Marcus, don't misunderstand. I'm willing to help you relieve tension if Helia's not around. That doesn't mean I'm here for you to use. Only come to me when you can't take it anymore, understand?"

"It makes for a thicker loa-"

Elena stared firmly at the pages, lost in thought for a moment before opening her mouth to deliver her line. She gave a voice that was an air of irritation and snark. She supposed looking at the exchange between them, on the whole that Hel was very much like a nagging mother more than anything else. She had to admit she needed to hold in a laugh at the fact that Hel seemed fond of taking the wind out of the 'Great Demon Lord's' sails whenever he went into a spiel.

"Why in the world are you yelling? We're the only one's here!" Elena said grumpily, her eyes moving along the page, her voice bellowing (more in depth than in volume),"And we weren't banished; you didn't get invited to a party and when you had a chance to curse them, their brat made fun of you!" Elena held back a smirk as she continued her spiel. "You ran away crying and dragged me with you, so from now on you're not serving in the dark, you're RULING it. And we're never speaking of this incident again. Ever." Elena quickly reached over as per the play's intructions and tugged on Dam's ear, pulling him towards her and accidentally pressing his head into her chest. Now listen good, dear. You're going to conquer this dark and everything in it, and you're going to like it! And don't you give me that "the darkness is empty," nonsense. If there's nothing there, you're going to MAKE something! Are we clear?

Mimi let out a chuckle at Alicia's reply. "Well, Tyra's not here, is she~" Mimi whispered, a slimy tongue moving along Alicia's ear lobe, "And I hope you're prepared, because I'm calling your bluff."

With that, Mimi slid around Alicia's body, slime creeping up along her legs up to her thighs. Mimi's slime seeped into the open space in Alicia's clothing, the slime shifting in between her legs, rubbing up against her underwear. As Mimi wrapped her arms around Alicia, they began to spread across Alicia's back, slipping under her shirt, a thin film covering her breasts as the slime tugged and sucked at her nipples.

"I can do you right here at the bar without even making a mess~" Mimi said, chuckling, "But I'm not sure what to do next. After all..." Mimi's slime began to poke at Alicia's entrances, both front and back as warmth spread throughout Mimi's body, sticking to Alicia's skin.

"Would you like to come from the front, or the back~?"

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Re: Unholy Lows (Evil Brothel RP)

Post by BinaryHedgehog » February 25th, 2015, 9:05 pm

Tina nods, getting a grip on the erect member. "Yep! I'm here to make you feel all better!" She never had a chance to do it with somone other than Tyler because Hel wouldn't let her put the moves on the customers for fear that they may feel uncomfortable. "How would you like to 'treat' your 'problem'?" She asked.
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Re: Unholy Lows (Evil Brothel RP)

Post by Clawfoot » March 1st, 2015, 10:56 pm

Helia was relieved when Marcus came to aid her in keeping Lily from hurting herself too much. After all, she didn't like to see friends hurt as was afraid that her own strength might be too strong. Getting up, she watched as Lily began to explain herself while her tongue still added in little quips of wisdom every now and again, a giddy smile on her face. She was so grateful that they were getting along, and even Lily was slightly accepting of Marcus' lust.

As she laid down exactly how she felt on Marcus, she nodded as well. She could understand that, but was grateful that she was taking his feelings into account. Hearing her back mouth talk, Helia laughed a bit.

" Well don't worry, I am sure we can both understand that. And thanks Lily. I mean it." She said, hugging Lily to her body before letting her stand." Man, I just.. I feel so wonderful right now. But, with all that's gone on, I kinda need some time to digest all this. How about you two?"

Helia looked between Lily and Marcus, smiling sweetly.

" Oh, and Lily? Remind me to ask what demon's wings taste like." She smirked, thinking of a few demons that she would prefer cooked. She didn't really have much against demons as a species, just a few idiots she had run into.
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Re: Unholy Lows (Evil Brothel RP)

Post by Yorick_the_jester » March 17th, 2015, 9:55 pm

(OH GOSH! A huge sorry! I had a nasty flu and afterwards, I was somehow imagining that it was Shad's turn, not mine. Sorry!)

"Oh, nothing wrong with a bit of rebelling, my dear..." Tyra mused ans she scrubbed down Rosalie, her touch soft where it needed to be and slightly rougher under her arms, legs and whereelse she suspected more grit. "But you know... there is getting a piercing and a strange haircut and then there is neglecting yourself. Cleanliness keeps you healthy. If you really want to show them some un-womanly behaviour, there is much else to choose."
She paused for a moment to stretch, the foam and warmth making her relax more than she expected. "You could like... gosh... what are the requirements for women in your home again? I'm from a female-only society... well... unless you count the husbands. But they are usually too busy with having fun with their wives... HEY! That's it! You could marry a girl! That would show them, wouldn't it?"
She let out a loud giggle and turned the feathery wash into a hug. "That would be one blow! And you wouldn't even have to be into girls! You could just pretend and have a boyfriend by the side. Most men love the idea of having a lesbian girlfriend."


Dam was hard pressed not to smile giddily as Elena got into character. She hit the note of old Hel perfectly. Gosh, a part of him hoped that Hel was watching and enjoying herself at their expense (she was... maybe). Though he got a bit of emotional whiplash, when Elena pulled him accidentially into her chest. She was supposed to be his grandmother at the time. Still, he continued, trying not to enjoy the softness that pressed against his cheek.
"Yes ma'am!" the prince of demons answered meekly and suddenly shook his head. "Do not confuse my speech with an excuse to lazyness and lack of conviction. These here will be a land that will make the heavens envy us for. See!"
Still held by her he made a gesture.
Nothing happened in reality, though the instructions were clear that some demon was supposed to appear in a flow of special effects now.
Enter Garrutz
"This shall be Garrutz, the first of our servants. Mindless though he is, he will be our first and most vile warrior. And legion will follow after him!
Dam then looked up at Elena pleadingly making a bit of a pout. "And could you please let go of me now, granny? You make me look bad in front of our new race of demons..."