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Endless Frontier

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Re: Endless Frontier

Post by Red Mage pro » December 12th, 2014, 5:58 am


Zane gave a odd look at Zypher with how he acted to the bird. The bird was obviously not part of their group only wearing a loincloth and wielding a basic spear. Zane still remained silent not wanting to let Zypher move any further ahead. He did flinch and prepare to strike when Zypher threw some odd orbs at the large disk causing it to blow up some of the orks but doing nothing to the large disk. He soften his stance but still looked ready to defend himself against Zypher. He then pointed back to where Zypher ran as if telling him to go back the way he came.
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Re: Endless Frontier

Post by TnubE » December 12th, 2014, 6:18 am

Planet side, Theo

As Theo reload, he still sees a couple orks lying on the ground, injured. He finishes them off with a head shot each. He then rushes to Sarah to check on her. "Running low on ammo, 1 semtex left, we should get to the jammer while we still can." Theo said to her.

Medical bay, Rose

(Waiting on orks reaction at medical bay before I make a post for Rose.)
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Re: Endless Frontier

Post by DarkLove » December 16th, 2014, 7:15 am

Planet Side...

The two soldiers fired the last bullets of their little skirmish. Bullets stopped firing at them. They both exhaled and reloaded. It was time for them to regroup with the others. By using the trees as cover, they started their way back to Sarah. There was a big bang, then a buzzing sound. Hediki grabbed Fisk by the arm and he stopped and looked at him.

"You hear something?" Hediki asked him.

Fisk nodded. "Yeah, but lets regroup with the others then worry about it." He answered then started moving again. Hediki followed behind him, putting a small bit of distance between each of them.

It wasn't to much longer when they saw their comrades. "Friendlies coming from the right!" Hediki called out as they approached. "I was hoping big, green, and ugly was going to stay focused on me. I take full responsibility on this." Hediki said to Sarah."Also, if you don't know yet, theres some buzzing sound, not too sure what thats about." He reported as he and Fisk took aim towards the enemy and looking for any signs of the orks.
Medical Lab...

Dr.Oda, using the bed as cover, he shot his remain four bullets at the biggest target. He wasn't trained like most of everyone else, but theory would support that at least one bullet would hit his target. Actually, at this distance and his target's mass, it would be near impossible if only one hit. He took aim at the creature's neck and head area, hoping to inflict the most possible damage. Oda swore to himself that if he survived this he would do two things.

One, train with a handgun daily.
And two, demand a security team to guard his lab.

Not too far from Rose, Nami poked her head up with a scalpel in hand. "Rose!" She stabbed the blade into the top of the desk just enough for it to sit up for Rose to grab. She quickly ducked back into cover.


"Oh holy crap..." Robin said as she brought her hand up to her helmet. -please don't throw up, please don't throw up, please don't throw up...- she thought to herself. She followed Mark's lead and side stepped as well and watched the soldier do what he was paid to do. "Yup... I Think I'm going to throw up..." she shared.

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Re: Endless Frontier

Post by blackdemonknight » December 16th, 2014, 8:46 am

Ice recovers and rubs her head and said "Is everyone okay?"

Kyle decided to see if he could get in contact with Sarah and the others in the group. He gets on the comm and said "Sarah, do you copy, it's Kyle, do you need any assistance." Hearing static he sighs "Alright I'm going to make a fly by, see if there all okay" he told one of the other pilots. He enters the transport and flies up and heads in the direction Sarah and her group were heading in.


Ivy hearing them intruders outside the door readies her gun as do the bartender and guards. Ready if they decided to burst in.

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Re: Endless Frontier

Post by 1337Wings » December 17th, 2014, 1:31 am

Chirox, still blazing away at the enemy, was mainly shielding Sarah from harm. He said to her, "Orders, Master?"

(On the Ship)
Ivanava was coming up on the medical bay. She swerved around the corner, lasers at the ready for hostiles.
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