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PR Moments #3 - The first day of work

Small dialogues that could be used in the final story.
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PR Moments #3 - The first day of work

Post by neoeclipse » August 27th, 2014, 5:30 am

Note: The following dialogs are loose ideas. The text could change or be removed in the final story.
It was time to break into the Delta complex and the Dolly twins were in the middle of the food court, carrying their trays of food and looking for an empty place.

It had been a difficult day for them, because all scientists working in this area were elderly and two young sheep had difficulty adapting to the new environment.

-Mili: Gee, I did not think that Dr. Akari was such a strict woman. We can not even talk between us.

-Pili: This is not like in the academy, sister. If we want to progress here, we have to try to fit in with these people.

-Mili: But everyone is so serious and bitter. *sigh* If only there was someone with our age.

-Pili: Stop complaining and help me to find a place.

Both sheep started looking in opposite directions in search of an empty place, then Mili managed to spot a table in a small terrace, which was occupied by a single person.

-Mili (blushing): Sister...

Mili took her sister's head and forced her to look towards that table.

-Pili (angry): Ouch! Hey, what's wrong with you? Oooh...

The occupant of that table was an attractive young echidna with golden spikes and lovely magenta eyes. He did not seem to be a scientist, because his clothes were those of a simple clerk.

-Pili (blushing): Wow... Who said all angels falling from the sky are girls?

-Mili (blushing): There are also those with the "Y" chromosome!

Both sheep drew a broad smile on their faces, but then an echidna girl with brown spikes appeared from nowhere and sat next to the boy.

-Mili: Uh? Who's that girl? She does not seem to be a scientist.

-Pili: Hum... That's a secretary clothes.

-Mili: Maybe it's his girlfriend.

The two sisters looked at each other's faces with an expression of disappointment.

-Pili (disappointed): *sigh* Well, at least they seem to have our age. Let's go. We may have more luck with them.

-Mili (disappointed): Yep...

With a little trepidation, the two sheep approached to the table of the two young echidnas, but was Pili who decided to be the first to speak.

-Pili: Ahem... Sorry. We can sit with you?

Both echidnas turned their eyes towards them. The boy was biting an apple, while the girl was eating a bowl of salad. For a moment the two sisters felt a bit uncomfortable, but then, the boy spoke.

-Boy (smiling): Go ahead. It's a free room.

At the words of the young echidna, Pili and Mili were seated quickly.

-Mili (happy): Yay! Thank you. You don't know how hard it's to find an empty place here.

-Boy (smiling): I can imagine.

That boy was not only handsome, also had a lovely smile and his voice carried tranquility. The girl on the other hand, kept looking at the two sheeps, while chewing her salad with an expression of seriousness.

-Pili: Thanks for sharing the table with us. We are new here. My name is Pili and she's my sister Mili.

-Mili (smiling): Hi.

-Boy (smiling): I'm Adel, and she's my sister Aki. Say hello sister.

The girl named Aki continued eating her salad without saying a word, but kept her eyes fixed on the two sheeps.

-Pili (whispering Mili): You hear that? He said it's his sister.

-Mili (whispering Pili): That means...

The two sisters redrawn a grin on their faces.

-Adel: Ehm... Is something wrong?

-Pili (blushing): Oh, it's nothing. We just were saying that your sister is a little shy.

-Adel (looking at Aki with disapproval): Yeah, she is somewhat shy with strangers. So... you work here?

-Mili: Yes, in the area of development of new technologies.

-Aki: Hm! I did not know they used sheep as test subjects.

-Pili: Well, then you can talk.

-Mili And we are not test subjects. In fact, we were hired as assistants of doctor Akari.

-Aki: Really? And what you do? Carry their pens and note tables?

-Mili (offended): Hm!

-Adel (embarrassed): Ahem... Excuse my sister. She has not had a good day. Do you like ice cream? I will ask for two extra cup. I invite.

-Pili (blushing): Oh, thank you very much.

-Mili (looking at Aki): At least someone here has good manners...

And so, the two sheep continued chatting with their new friend Adel, while holding up Aki's comments. Both sisters were so delighted with the boy, who did not notice that the break time was ending.

-Mili: And then, the plant tried to eat Pili, but she was heavy and broke the stem. Hehehe.

-Pili (blushing): It was very embarrassing, but at least we won the competition.

-Adel (smiling): Hahaha. I never met girls like you two. You are not only smart, you are also fun.

-Aki (arms crossed): I can't believe they allowed to enter these two jesters to the Delta Labs.

-Pili: You know, your ogre attitude reminds me of the doctor Akari.

-Mili: Yes, you even have her same old fashioned hairstyle. Hehehe.

-Adel (worried): Ah... girls...

-Pili: And the same sleepy owl look. Hmhmhm

-Mill: And the same voice of grumpy old lady.

-Pili: And the same... Hum... You really look a lot like doctor Akari.

-Aki: Maybe it's because I'm her daughter, genius.

-Mili: Ahhh, that explains it.

At that time, the two sheep were left petrified.

-Mili (in shock): What did you say...?

-Adel: Ah... yes, I forgot to mention. The doctor Akari is our mother.

Pili and Mili felt a shiver coursing through their bodies. Both wanted to be swallowed by the earth at that time.

-Pili (very embarrassed): Sorry...

-Adel: Hahaha. Don't worry. I know the temper of my mother. Anyway, I must congratulate you. She did not agree to work with anyone. You should do something really good to impress her.

-Mili (blushing): You think so?

-Adel (smiling): Absolutely.

At that moment, the doorbell rang. It was time to return to work.

-Pili (blushing): Well... it's time to back to the lab. It was a pleasure to meet you Adel and... Aki. Let's go sister.

Pili took her sister's arm and pulled her to her feet.

-Adel: Oh, wait. I would come back to chat with you. We can meet here again tomorrow?

-Mili (smiling): Sure. All the times you...

-Pili (covering the mouth of her sister): We will review our agenda. Hehehe. See you later.

-Mili (sad): Bye...

As they left the room, both sheep thought the meeting they had with these two echidnas.

-Pili: I can't believe it. Son of Dr. Akari. How a woman as cranky as she can have a lovely son as he?

-Mili: If Dr. Akari discovers that we are flirting with her son...

-Pili: We lose our heads, our wool and our employment. You better be careful.

-Mili (Sad): *sigh* But he's so cute...

-Pili (sad): Yes, he is...

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