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PR Moments #2 - Tikal's Nightmare

Small dialogues that could be used in the final story.
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PR Moments #2 - Tikal's Nightmare

Post by neoeclipse » August 27th, 2014, 5:34 am

Note: The following dialogs are loose ideas. The text could change or be removed in the final story.
In my dream I heard little voices. They were the voices of the Chao for help.

I could see them through shadows. The Chao were trapped in cages. There were many of them. They were very scared and trembling with fear, as if something terrible was about to happen.

-Tikal (worried): Who has caged the Chao? What are they going to do with them?

Suddenly, a hand appeared, opened a cage and grabbed one of the Chao.

-Tikal (worried): No... Be careful. You're hurting him.

The little Chao trying by all means to break free, but he was brutally held by those cruel hands.

-Tikal (scared): No! What are they doing? Leave him alone!

Other hands with sharp needles appeared and began to inject foreign substances to the Chao, who was screaming and squirming trying to get free.

-Tikal (scared): No! Don't hurt him! Stop! STOP!

The Chao began to lose strength until he finally stopped struggling, then he was taken to a kind of capsule, where he was embedded hoses and cables on his back and head.

-Tikal (crying): No... Why... Why are you doing this?

The Chao was very weak and could hardly move, but then, something started to happen.

-Tikal (scared): What's going on? What have you done?

The Chao began to squirm and scream while his small body size increased. His small hands and feet began to stretch and become sharp claws.

-Tikal (scared): No! Stop it please! You're torturing him!

The Chao continued to grow while his body took the form of a hideous creature. I could feel his pain and despair. His screams... now sounded like a wounded beast.

-Tikal (crying): Please stop! I beg you! Stop! STOP!

After several minutes of torment, the creature was finally complete. It was similar to Chaos, but with a depressing look and a disturbing red light pounding in his chest. His heart... was now full of anger. The pain had become him into a monster.

-Tikal (crying): Nooo... what have they done?... Poor little thing...

I was shattered. I had never felt so much pain in my life. Then that terrible vision began to fade, until finally my eyes opened and I sat on my bed.

-Tikal (waking up): *gasp*

My eyes were filled with tears and my heart pounding. At first I did not know where I was, but then I could see Cream, Amy and Mrs. Vanilla stops at the foot of my bed. They were all in pajamas, looking at me with concern.

-Cream (worried): Tiki... Are you okay?

-Tikal (agitated): Yes...

-Amy (worried): You were screaming.

-Vanilla (worried): For a moment we thought you were in trouble.

-Tikal (agitated): No, not me, but... something terrible has happened... and I could not do anything about it.

-Vanilla (sitting next to Tikal): Quiet. It was just a nightmare.

-Tikal (agitated): No, it was not. It was a vision of the present. Someone is hurting the Chao. Why...? They are helpless creatures. Why are these things happening? Whyyy....?

I hugged Mrs. Vanilla and began to mourn inconsolably in her lap while she stroked my head gently.

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