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PR Moments #4 - The First Mission

Small dialogues that could be used in the final story.
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PR Moments #4 - The First Mission

Post by neoeclipse » September 2nd, 2014, 8:27 pm

Note: The following dialogs are loose ideas. The text could change or be removed in the final story.
The next morning, Rouge, Knuckles, Tails and Zeta had a meeting at the headquarters of the Emerald Guardians.

-Knux (arms crossed): Hm... I did not expect that Eggman was around. This only means more problems for us.

-Tails: I would not worry too much. Sonic is in town and we have to Zeta on our side. The Master Emerald could not be more protected.

-Rouge: If Eggman had come for the Master Emerald he would not have attacked Emerald Beach first. Moreover, it's quite a coincidence that the attack occurred on the day of the arrival of Zeta. I think our robust friend wanted to meet her new contender.

-Knux (arms crossed): No matter what Eggman wants. This is not the right time to play the hero and the villain. We have a serious problem here. Rouge, begins with the presentation.

-Rouge: Uff... You're a true soldier. Well, let's start with this. Zeta, so far you've done very well in the VR missions and your fight against the Egg Crawler was really awesome, but the time to get to the major leagues has come.

Rouge took a small remote control and turned on the projector room, then the terrifying image of two rabbits appeared on the screen. One was a tall burly man with a skull mask that completely covered his face, while the other was a rough-looking woman who was wearing a kind of metal mask.

-Rouge: These are Blade and Slash. The main leaders of a dangerous military faction known as the Cyberpunks. Its main crimes include stealing weapons and major banks around Mobius. Thanks to this, they have become a real threat to global security.

-Zeta: So... they are not common criminals. Right?

-Knux: No. Blade and Slash have proved to be a brilliant military strategists and have under their command the most dangerous gangs on the planet. We believe they have succeeded in forming an army and plan to seize the power of the Chaos Emeralds to be unstoppable.

-Zeta: I understand. So my mission is to stop them.

-Tails: Ah... Rouge, I think you should show her the armor.

-Rouge (turning off the projector): I'm on it, foxie.

Rouge walked to a small table that was behind Tails, which was covered by a white blanket.

-Rouge (taking one end of the blanket): This is the real reason you're here.

Rouge pulled the blanket, revealing what appeared to be a heavy armor provided with sharp blades and an elongated skull-shaped helmet.

-Zeta (looking the armor): Oh...

-Rouge: This... is a Hunter, or at least what's left of him. It's not easy to kill one of these things. They are very fast, very tough and very strong.

-Zeta (looking the armor): But... I don't see his legs.

-Tails: It's because he's dead. They are a kind of artificial Chaos creatures. They have a core which acts as its brain and source of life. If you destroy the core, its liquid structure collapse. That's why they wear an armor. To protect the core.

-Zeta: Destroy the core and end the creature. Sounds easy.

-Knux (arms crossed): Easy? A couple of weeks, three of these monsters were released on Angel Island. There were only three of them... and ended up with all of my platoon. I... was the only one left alive from that slaughter.

The memory of the attack on Angel Island made Knuckles feel bad, but then Tails approached him and put a hand on his shoulder.

-Tails: You did what you could to save your troops. You should not keep feeling guilty about it. At least you prevent that the Cyberpunks steal the Master Emerald. Their deaths were not in vain.

The words of Tails calmed down Knuckles, but the echidna kept getting frustrated.

-Rouge: *sigh* Better not trust much, Zeta. The Hunters is the most lethal weapon that Cyberpunks have acquired. It's clear that we will need all the help to fight them. That's why I asked the president to allow me to bring you here. I trust that you will be very helpful in our team.

-Zeta: I'll not disappoint you. I will protect the Master Emerald with my life.

Rouge: No. I don't want to jeopardize your life. I need you alive to fight our enemies. Understand?

-Zeta (thoughtfully): Yes... Understood.

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