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PR Moments #1 - Akari's new assistants

Small dialogues that could be used in the final story.
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PR Moments #1 - Akari's new assistants

Post by neoeclipse » July 8th, 2014, 4:19 pm

Note: The following dialogs are loose ideas. The text could change or be removed in the final story.
Meanwhile, in the highest office of Delta Tower, two young sheep with glasses waited sitting in front of an elegant desk, while Dorian and Dr. Akari were reviewing some papers.

Both girls were very nervous. Then the sheep with red dress began to observe the curious wooden Flicky on the desk.

The wooden bird was moved by a mechanism that made him knock over a cup with water, simulating the act of drinking. This sound, combined with the sound of Dorian's fingers on the desk began to get even more nervous to the sheep with red dress.

Suddenly, the sheep were pounced on the wooden Flicky and held it tightly.

-Mili (nervous): Stop it! Uh...

At the sudden act of the girl, Dorian and Akari raised their looks. At that time, the young sheep realized her strange behavior and tried to place the wooden Flicky to its original position, but now the bird remained motionless with his head submerged in the water.

-Mili (embarrassed): I'm sorry...

The sheep turned red as a tomato and quickly sat down next to her partner with blue dress, who tried to hide her face with one hand.

-Pili (embarrassed): Excuse my sister. She's a little teaser and thought she could lighten the mood with one of her jokes. Hehehe. This will not happen again. Right Mili?

The sheep with blue dress kicked the shin of her sister in an attempt to punish her.

-Mili (embarrassed): Ouch... Yeah not do it again.

Akari seemed angry, but then Dorian drew a slight smile on his face, left the papers on his desk and sat back in his chair, while he clasped his fingertips.

Dorian: Hum... So you are the famous twin sisters Dolly. Dr. Akari spoke highly of both.

-Pili: We were her best students during the last seminar of new technologies.

-Mili: And we were the winners of the Delta Expo for two consecutive years.

-Pili: Yes and Dr. Akari was who personally gave us our medals.

-Dorian: So... You really like science?

-Pili: Science is our passion.

-Mili: Followed by videogames.

-Pili: And movies.

-Mili: And comics. We have a large collection of comics at home.

-Dorian: I see... *sigh* Well, I'll explain the situation. As you know, doctor Akari is a busy woman, and ultimately the amount of work has been increasing in our development area. Therefore, she will need a couple of assistants to help with her work. It would also be a great honor for us to have two talented girls like you on our team.

After the last words of Dorian, the eyes of Pili and Mili began to shine.

-Pili (excited): Working as assistants of Dr. Akari?

-Mili (excited): In the development area of new technologies?

-Dorian: Only if you accept the job.

Pili and Mili could not contain their excitement and together gave a blow on the desk of Dorian.

-Pili & Mili(excited): We accept!

-Dorian (worried): Eh... I'm glad to hear that. Now sign these documents and you will be inside.

-Mili (taking the documents): Sure. We will sign with pleasure. Oh, what a thrill.

-Pili (signing documents): It's like a dream come true.

After signing the contracts, the two sheep given the papers to Dorian.

-Dorian (looking firms): Well, everything seems in order. Welcome to Delta, ladies. You will begin to work tomorrow morning. Dr. Akari's will be waiting on the east side at nine o'clock. Be punctual.

-Pili: We will be. Thank you very much for accepting us Mr. Dorian.

-Mili: And you also Dr. Akari. We will not disappoint you.

-Dorian (smiling): I'm sure of that.

After completing the interview, the two sheep took their briefcases and left Dorian's office with a big smile on their faces.

-Mili (from the door): Goodbye and thanks again.

-Dorian (waving a hand): Bye.

When the sheep locked the door, Dorian leaned on his chair, tilting it slightly backward.

-Dorian (facing the ceiling): Are you sure those two stupid girls are the best you could find?

-Akari: You saw the result of the tests. They managed to get the highest score. No one had done in years.

Dorian: They left my office smelling like candy. What scientific uses candy scented perfume?

-Akari: Hum... I know they can be somewhat childish, but believe me, you will not find a better pair of candidates throughout this region. In addition, they are young and naive. They will do everything I tell them without asking.

-Dorian: Hm... Okay. Just make sure they don't make mistakes. How are you going with the Lazarus Reactor?

-Akari: I need more tests... but I'm afraid we still have no volunteers.

-Dorian (turning his chair toward Akari): Of course we do. Just tell me how many you need.

-Akari: Forget it, Dorian. I will not work with criminals. My reactor should be used in an emotionally stable person. I don't want to create another monster.

-Dorian (mockingly): Emotionally stable? And where you find someone you think so?

-Akari: I'll think of something.

After that conversation, Akari walked to the door and left the office.

Once alone, Dorian took the wooden Flicky from his desk and tried to get it moving again, but each time he lifted the bird's head, this again dipping its beak into the cup with water.

-Dorian: Arf... perfect...

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Re: Akari's new assistants

Post by DarkMatter » July 8th, 2014, 8:15 pm

Cool ^^. I really like how they're prodigies, yet are huge nerds in entertainment.

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