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In the interests of Transparancy

Any news regarding the the Zeta Team Community forums directly.
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In the interests of Transparancy

Post by Miles » May 19th, 2016, 3:42 am

Hello All,
Just throwing up a quick thing in regard to some recent changes that have been made and with how the site is managed.

On the subject of the Discord Chat:
  • The Main invite link for the chat is
  • The Chat is based on the Discord platform
  • The Chat was originally IRC based, but has been moved to Discord for ease of use
  • The Chat was set up at the request of Zeta to provide a place for the Developers and Community to talk in a more instant manner
  • I (Miles Kjeller) am the main administrator of the chat
  • I have the ability to and have assigned other users administrative roles as they fit different timezones and have different sleep schedules so we get good admin coverage
  • These users have roles on the forums, however this does not grant them any moderation or administrative power on the forums, it is solely to make them easily identifiable to members
  • Further information is available at viewtopic.php?f=48&t=1719
  • The Zeta Team is not responsible for the content of the chat
  • It is understood that all users are aged 18 or over. Any users suspected of being under 18 will be banned until they can verify their age
On the subject of the Website:
  • The website is hosted on my (Miles Kjeller's) personal DreamHost instance, which I pay for, and I have full administrative access to the site
  • Select administrators, including Zeta and Eclipse, have FTP access to the site and to the forum
  • The domain name "" is registered in my name, at my personal expense, and is registered with DreamHost
  • The site uses Google Analytics
  • The download links for the game are hosted behind an shortlink. I do not have administrative power over this. All revenue from ads goes to The Zeta Team
  • We (The Zeta Team) are not responsible for ad content hosted on
On the subject of "Project X: Love Potion Disaster", The Game:
  • The Game is developed in the spare time of The Zeta Team and is offered at no monetary cost to users
  • The Game is in a pre-release (alpha) state, content may change, be removed or be added at any time without warning
  • The Game is in a pre-release (alpha) state and may be unstable or unavailable on your platform
  • The Game is protected under Fair Use as Parody
  • It is understood that The Game is rated 18+ (Adults Only) for pornographic content and that you will not download it if you are under 18 or in a country where such content is not permitted by law. The Zeta Team are not responsible for those that may do so.
  • You are not permitted to change, modify or otherwise tamper with the code for The Game
  • You are not permitted to attempt to sell The Game
  • You are not permitted to make changes to The Game and attempt to sell it as your own project
  • Bug reports, Crash reports and Feature suggestions are welcome on the Forums in their appropriate sections
On the subject of the Forums:
  • The forums run on phpBB v3.2.x and have a variety of modifications installed
  • User passwords are stored irreversibly encrypted in an SQL database. It is, however, recommended not to use the same password here as you do other places. This is just good security practice.
  • Effective 2016/05/15 I (Miles Kjeller) have been keeping a change-log of changes that I have made to the forums, it is available here: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=1750
  • The forums are hosted on an AWS instance hosted by a trusted friend of mine and administered by myself.
  • The forums use Google Analytics
  • The list of active staff members is available in the "Members" dropdown in the top toolbar
  • 3rd Party Advertisements are not run on the Forums
  • There is a subforum visible to only Staff Members, this is used to discuss site administration only
  • The Zeta Team are not responsible for user generated content on the forum, but will endeavor to remove content that breaks rules, or is disruptive, when detected by staff or reported by users
  • It is understood that all users are aged 18 or over. Any users suspected of being under 18 will be banned until they can verify their age
  • It is understood that "private messages" are not unreadable by administrators, and may be accessed in the event of an abuse report. The only effective way to access private messages of others is via the database directly.
On the subject of Google Analytics:
  • This installation of Google Analytics is tied into my (Miles Kjeller's) Google account so I can track traffic and perform site optimisation
  • Personal, non identifiable information is collected by the script
  • This is Including but not limited to:
  • Age, Sex, Browser, Operating System, Personal Interests, Site Referrers
  • Screenshots of the dashboard are available on request from myself
  • Other members of administration do not (yet) have access to the Analytics account
  • uBlock Origin for Chrome (and other ad blockers) are capable of blocking Google Analytics from running, whilst this is permitted, we'd rather you didn't
  • Google Analytics are used to discover who our demographic is and to allow us to better cater for you all
On the subject of Donations:
  • Donations paid on the widget on the portal page go directly to Zeta's PayPal account, this goes to supporting the game
  • Donations paid to me (Miles Kjeller) using the link in my signature go directly to me and help pay for me to live, and cover server costs
  • Contributions on my Patreon page ( go directly to me. I use this money to support the communities I manage. Part of this may be used to contribute to Project X, it will be discussed with Zeta on a month to month basis.
On the subject of Me (Miles Kjeller):
  • I am 26 - 30 years old, Scottish and Male
  • I presently do not hold any form of stable employment
  • I have diagnosed Aspergers Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder) [Diagnosed at 5]
  • I have diagnosed depression and anxiety problems [Diagnosed 2012]
  • I try my best not to let either condition effect me in day to day life, but it can be hard
  • I don't always catch social subtlety and I am a very direct speaker
  • I do not take offence to people talking to me using direct language, as long as they are ok with me using direct language
  • I am not a developer for The Game (Project X: Love Potion Disaster) and have no say in how The Game progresses
  • I am not paid for my contributions to this project and I do not expect to be, donations are gratefully accepted though
  • I joined the project as a favour to Zeta after the previous site was taken offline and have been happily working on it since
That was long, but by no means exhaustive. I've always felt that transparency in what you do is critical.
I hope with this post it's clearer where we all stand, comments are welcome.

This will be a "Sticky" topic, but not an announcement.

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Re: In the interests of Transparancy

Post by Kevin3352 » June 1st, 2016, 3:09 am

well miles you have so much to work on with this website man i salute your dedication and hard work maintaining this site. good job ;)

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