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Tips for RP newcomers

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Tips for RP newcomers

Post by CoxTH » October 4th, 2016, 4:51 pm

Hiya :)
Since we're seeing a wave of new forum members, I think it's a great time to start a little topic on the do's and dont's of RPing. Maybe these tips will inspire some people to start new RPs or help them improve their writing. Anybody who feels like they can contribute something can feel free to do so ^^

My first tip is the miniskirt rule:
"Long enough to cover the most important bits, short enough to keep it insteresting"
The basic idea of that rule is that yes, you want to be detailed, but no, you don't want to focus on unnecessary information. Of course the brother in the bio of your awesome new character can be important and of course you can describe the sensations of your character. But if your post turns into a ball gown and still somehow manages to leave the crotch uncovered, so to speak, you're doing something wrong.
Think to yourself: "Does it really matter if the table my character is sitting at is made of oak or birch wood? Do I really need to introduce my character's extended family to the other players? Or is that something I can leave to the reader's imagination?"

By following that rule, I am sure you can improve your writing by a long shot.
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