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ask about a petition and a command.

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ask about a petition and a command.

Post by Freezewood » December 6th, 2020, 5:32 pm

¿we can upload these commentary where the character of the game talk about the moment or the conversation where two characters talks about the moments?,for example like when play zeta and blaze to the plant boss like this. :oops:

because i really like and enjoy what they say during their journeys but... ¿we can upload it or is forbidden to upload it here?. :?

another thing,¿how i can upload the images and not the link of the images?,the function of ''[*img][/img*] without asterisk'' and [*image][/image*] without asterisk'' don't working so i upload the images from imgflip so... ¿what is the new command for uploading images without the link?.
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