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Mugen Renamon reborn

Posted: November 10th, 2020, 8:09 pm
by BenHazard
I was absent for a long while (mainly modding Skyrim) but got time to continue this project left on dust.
Inintially, I did post in this forum in the past for fun. (If I'm not wrong, I did a edit of Sally and Bunny)

retook from july, the primary goal is to upscale the Digimon Battle Spirit Renamon to standart size.
As posted in a lost post, the project is also a overhaul/merge from GearFighterZeta and Tsunamidusher own versions.:


the standart part. (no moveset yet) is done.

afterwards I will also redo C.V.S abstract Gouken to be closer to the CVS standart.