Project X - Love Potion Disaster - Full Save

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Project X - Love Potion Disaster - Full Save

Post by Christin11 » May 17th, 2019, 12:35 pm


I'm new at this so please have mercy? ;)

I hope this is a new Topic since i searched high and low for a Subject like this but i couldn't find any so i suppose this is a new Topic . . . ? I hope . . . ? :oops:

Well, the thing is, i played trough the entire thing . . . It was so hellish hard and took me some time and nerves! :cry:

After finishing it and after some time of playing other Hentai Games i kind of lost it . . . :oops:

So it would be really really helpful and nice if someone could add the latest Save File of the Game cause . . . You know . . . It would be so hard and hellish playing trough everything again . . . :shock:

Greetings and SALUTATIONS :D

Christin Eleven ;)
(I really wished they would make some change for the game were for example after a Game Over you can start at the beginning of the last chapter or Level you were at . . . ) :(

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