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Project X : Love Potion Disaster is it a bad game?

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Green Dark Software
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Project X : Love Potion Disaster is it a bad game?

Post by Green Dark Software » November 20th, 2021, 1:02 am

WARNING: this message is not intended to hog space or to upset or offend anyone, read it as my personal opinion.

on an october holiday i was surfing for several hours on the internet i thought about my one of my favorite game franchises "SONIC" and then i realized that i completed all the eriso games and i thought how can i quench my thirst for speed and i started to look up things about sonic on the internet and i checked out his series and comics and when i finished reading them i was left wanting a different story and i thought about looking for eriso fan games to have fun while trying several Sonic fan games and I felt that the thirst for speed did not interest me because most of the fan games were almost the same story and I thought there is nothing different from the same story of beating EGGMAN and running through levels and collecting rings and I thought seriously there is nothing new and I started to research on youtube Sonic fan games that are different in story and I found games . exe games and a lot of animation, comics, and one or another series or parody of Sonic and I checked a video of the iceberg of controversial games and I checked that a sonic game was on the list and as the list progressed I found the most hated games while watching the video I thought why that Sonic fan game was so hated and I got to the post and I saw the gameplay and I thought I hate this fan game because it takes an adult game theme and I started to play the game. And after playing for several hours I thought why do almost all the people insult the game and the workmen for creating a game with a different theme than the normal Sonic games. I thought while playing what are they complaining about if the game meets the wishes of the developers and they wanted the game to be this adult so it would stand out in the long line of Sonic Fan Games I played the game and the controls handle well and the graphics don't look perfect or high definition but that doesn't mean the graphics are bad honestly it meets the established parameters of a fan game and I don't understand why people who like this game don't support it and keep hiding as if they are going to be bothered by it.

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Re: Project X : Love Potion Disaster is it a bad game?

Post by Freezewood » November 23rd, 2021, 10:31 pm

well... :?

the game is fine for others too,some peoples have dreams to enjoy and fullfill,part of these dreams sometimes there are called ''wet dreams'' and we can dream it accidentally without control,that dream awaken our sexual desire for something in common,some sexy hentai game about our favorites characters in actions,here we can enjoy to see our favorite characters we always we love and see their sexy side of it,having a crush on a special waifu is natural for everyone,sometimes they have and can,others not,so in part this game is fun and cool too but yeah... they working with it some long time but we can have a free playable demo to enjoy it meanwhile. 8-)

but this game have some big and sad stories about some of theirs creators,some group tried to steal this game,probably you can hear about the russian version with voices in france accent... ¿and what happen with our administradors zeta-r02 and neoclipse and the others?,well... everyone have an story with this game in the middle so it's probably we can maintain it a little obscure,yeah... is not a hidden game too because i think there is a version of this game for the nintendo wii i think,probably is another console but yeah,is not only for pc but yeah!,this game exists like others we got forgotten,for example some japanese obscure games from super nintendo,they exists in the web but nobody known or/and played it to see how the cool is the soundtrack and the gameplay is so yes,we got what we got for theirs fans. ;)
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