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Re: Guiding Light RP


Postby shadowpaine » May 12th, 2018, 10:38 pm

Alister couldn’t help but blush as he felt Acel hug his arm and Katherine try and pat his bs k only to hit the armour “well uh I guess that could help but we shouldn’t really linger too long... we should really get moving once cale and shadoon are well enough to move.” He said looking at the two unsure what to do with his hands, he wanted to hug back but wasn’t sure if it was appropriate.

Isaac poured as he followed Zeo back to the village. “So anything in particular you guys want to look for or we just wandering around?”
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Re: Guiding Light RP


Postby Red Mage pro » May 15th, 2018, 3:22 pm


(Katherine and Acel therapy session)

Katherine smiled at Alister and gave pats on his back. "Hey hey, no worrying about that, just relax for a minute. Remember that bear guy I think said it would take an hour for those two to recover so we have an hour to relax and junk. Besides you look like you clearly need it." Katherine said reaching inside his armor and rubbing his back....well the possibly best she could as she looks to be struggling as he can feel her hand wiggling around in his armor till she pulls out and shakes her hand. "Ok that wasn't my brightest idea..." she said smiling laughing a bit at her attempt to comfort Alister.


Ashe looked at Cale trying to see if he was trying to hide something. Ashe looked deeply at him with concern "...Well...I guess if you're ok that's good but if something's wrong please let me know ok? I'll do whatever I can to help out. Know you're not alone here ok..." Ashe trailed off but then looked like she had an idea for a second and then said "No playing the big bad hunter, we aren't hunting any big monsters here." she spoke in like a mom voice trying to joke it seemed like.


"Not exactly..." Judy replied to Alicia, Judy wasn't a big talker. She usually let her sisters handle the talking for her but for now, she had to make due. She was a bit surprised by hearing the panther girl, Elizabeth talk about one of the old sayings of everyone is special and with that grain of rice comment. "Your father sounds like a wise man," Judy said as she noted Elizabeth walking closer almost hovering over Judy as she was writing in her journal. Judy didn't seem to move to avoid letting Elizabeth see her journal.

In the journal for Elizabeth to see she could see notes about several things.

-The party that arrived in our village seem to be good candidates to assist me.
-The animals all share the same red crystals however the crystals break apart or dull out when the animals are killed
-The new people seem to be touchy on some comments...must be wary of what I say.
-The panther girl sure is a curious one.

The last comment was just written right before Elizabeth's eyes making it obvious Judy was speaking about her.


Shadoon would stretch a bit but as he stretched his body would tense up greatly when he reached certain points in his stretches as if his body was forcing him to stop as he felt the pain his body instinctively stopping at points. Once he stopped the pain was gone. He would hear Tony speak to him "Yes, please do be careful while the antidote is working through your body the paralysis is still there so don't do any wild movements as well as the vial's effects of making your body relax." Tony looked over at Grey "Please ensure he doesn't do anything wild...he DOES seem like the type who doesn't know how to sit down." he spoke softly to Grey trying to avoid Shadoon hearing him.

(Isaac, Zeo, and Mirie)

The three would enter the village with small little shops still open as some seem to be closing up due to it getting later now. One shop had lots of flowers and flowers accessories with a small human girl wearing a simple robe, sitting at the counter with a beaming smile on her face. Other shops had like potions and vials with a naked fox running it, another with herbs, and finally a shop with traps but that one seemed to be low on supply.
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Re: Guiding Light RP


Postby Lykan2 » Today, 7:42 am

-- Cale --

The Wolf sat there, still trying to process what had just happend and still not sure what to make of it. He listend to Ashe, explaining to let her know when anything was wrong, when the Knight turned around and adressed him again in a motherly tone the Monster Hunter rolled with his eyes and nodded, "Yes, Mom...i will." He was silenty for a few seconds before looking at her again. "I just don't know what it was....some Vision or Flashback," he shrugged " i just don't want to worry anyone with that. It was probably really nothing."

-- Zeo --

As they where walking along the shops the Dragonkin still couldn't help but look at the naked townspeople once in a while, but trying really hard not to. As Isaac asked what they wanted to do Zeo just shrugged "Nothing special, just looking if there is something of interest", the Dragonkin eventually stopped at the Shop with the Potions and Vials, the Fox was running. The Mage figured it would be a good idea to stock up on some potions while they were here. "Evening" Zeo began greeting the Fox, again trying to not look at the private parts, "May i ask what kind of potions you have?"
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Re: Guiding Light RP


Postby CoxTH » Today, 8:03 am

Grey nodded at Tony and sat down besides Shadoon, sighing a little. "...welp, guess we gotta wait now...", he said and pulled out his encyclopedia and some ink and quills, starting to write in it.

Alicia sighed a little at the answer she got before nodding at Elizabeth. "Hey Liz...wait, is it okay if I call you Liz? I hope you're not worrying too much about Shadoon."
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