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Re: Project X: Enjoyable Stuff

Post by Gr8Fate » December 29th, 2018, 11:35 pm

1.- Getting raped while trying to beat the game.
2.- Blaze has a very cute and rapeable appearance, Rouge has a nice ass and suggestive appearance, Tails is one of my favorites, seeing as how I'm bi, satisfies my other interest when I want to see a guy, Zeta gives you a little of everything, and Cream has a cute small loli body.
3.- Marine or maybe Sticks.
4.- Werehog Sonic.
5.- The electric Eel's animation if going up their ass, my favorite is Blaze.
6.- Zu's Blaze animation.
7.- Favorite invited character from other artists included in the game?
8.- Amy's.
9.- Nipple, Urethra.
10.- Sure.
11.- Well, as long as it isn't scat, 100% okay.
12.-birth scene instead the belly button squirt.
13.- Deformated bellies.
14.- How's Life?
15.- Anything but drunk.
16.- Blaze thinking she's a guy like Tails.

Hope you read this lmao. Everything here is honest.

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Re: Project X: Enjoyable Stuff

Post by BOLNICHKA39 » January 14th, 2019, 7:31 pm

1 Pumpkin Kingdom
2 amy
3 For Amy
4 Incub
5 First incubus
6 there was no such
7 Did not notice them
8 When Amy puts on her panties
9 Nipples, navel
10 I would like to
11 yes
12 Childbirth yes but death is not necessary
13 Realistic
14 I want you)))))))
15 yes
16 Zeta

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Re: Project X: Enjoyable Stuff

Post by Lusty_Nightmare » February 17th, 2019, 9:45 am

1-The cutscenes

2-The different styles of movements and how against certain enemies can be more effective

3- We need another cute male character. i´m think in jet the hawk.

4- I am not able to choose one, but I will say that most of them I like are those of the fourth stage

5- Nightmare. when he has the character half in his mouth and his show begins. I love how he works with his tongue

6- the cutscene in the half of the first stage.

7-I do not remember what they are called. but I like the ones in the second scenario that give you an emerald

8-Tails It is very cute to see how he blushes



11-Again. never


13-that they were a little more realistic, but not too much. an intermediate point between realism and exaggeration would be my preference

14-I love seeing you in a tight bikini

15-maybe drugged

16-in this I have nothing clear.

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