3D modeler, digital drawer, me, I'm here!

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3D modeler, digital drawer, me, I'm here!

Post by Fakuretsu » October 30th, 2019, 11:47 am

I didn't wanted to make the Subject longer, but also an PXLP fan, There are plenty of features I would love to see in the game, but I'm not going to talk about them, that game is probably my favorite of all Sonic videogames and fangames.


As the subject says, I know how to draw digital art with Paint Tool Sai, Make 3D Models with Blender and develop games with Game Maker Studio, a nice combination right?

I'm very friendly but as you saw, is a little hard.

I'll fill my profile soon :D
I do 3D models, I'm pro at Game Maker Studio, and I'm learning with Unity.

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