3D Models by Fakuretsu

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3D Models by Fakuretsu

Post by Fakuretsu » October 31st, 2019, 1:44 am

6 Zeta R02(1).PNG
4 Tails.PNG
2 Amy.PNG
I made 6, Sonic, Amy, Rouge, Tails, Shadow and Zeta.

I made them an idle animation (Shadow also has an walking cycle)

I'm a fan of Sonic Riders, I saw one drawing of Zeta with an airboard, which gave me an idea, but only if its wanted ;)

I have a game called Sonic Dashers, I'm updating the game engine, so I need to think if they will run or fly with Air Gear.

Which character should I do next? The non used girl from Sonic Fighter?
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I do 3D models, I'm pro at Game Maker Studio, and I'm learning with Unity.

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